Should You Go To Music Production School?



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Are you wanting to expand your knowledge of music production, debating on whether or not you want to invest in formal music production schooling?  

The industry is vast and there are many obstacles that music producers and creators are faced with on their journey to a successful career. From developing the skills and obtaining the knowledge needed, to applying these skills to then make a living off of their love for music. 

In this video, I share my own personal journey, experience, and knowledge in regards to the question “Should You Go To Music Production School?”. I go in-depth on how you can navigate the music production industry as well as navigating how to learn the skills needed to be successful in the industry. What are the resources you do have available to you? How can you utilize them to optimize your music production skills? And what does it take to ensure that you get the most out of your resources! 

In today’s age of technology, you have access to an array of resources. How much you get out of any of these is all dependant on you. Online courses can be a great and affordable way to obtain the knowledge and know-how of music production. 

A very important aspect of learning anything whether that be from an online course or even a Youtube video is that you must practice what you have learned. Learning is a beautiful thing but like traditional schooling what good is learning something if it is not honed in and expanded upon. I touch on these options; their pros and cons, and how you can discern what will work best for you. 

No, it is not necessary to go to Music Production school given the lack of payout and job opportunity. Still, even without formal schooling, you are very much able to bring forth your musical vision to fruition.


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