Why you should get Ollo Audio S4 Headphones for Mixing/Mastering

Ollo Audio S4 Headphone Review



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Flat Frequency Response With Comfort! 

When choosing headphones for mixing and mastering the ultimate goal is to work for long hours without having ear fatigue, as well as hearing your music truthfully to make accurate mixing and mastering decisions.

Most studio headphones are hyped in their frequency response typically in the bass and high frequencies due to the nature of headphones, their small size, and design.

Ollo audio has done an incredible job bringing both comfort and a balanced frequency response in their S4 studio headphones. Here are my top 3 reasons why I recommend these headphones.  


#1 Balanced Frequency Response 

When I mix with these headphones I feel like I’ve brought my home studio along with me. After comparing mixes I have done with these headphones versus mixes using my studio speakers I noticed only minor differences in how I’d expect my headphone mix to translate on speakers.

These are the first headphones I’ve used that were able to accurately produce a flat frequency response. Most Importantly, I’m able to mix my low frequencies with them and my mixes translate to my studio speakers and other listening environments!

Most headphones either exaggerate the bass (to make up for their small size) or lack bass in general. These headphones have a very flat bass response, and if anything I find myself boosting the bass slightly when mixing back on my speakers to add a little bit more punch. 

(insert freq response chart)

The only knock I give these headphones is in the 7Khz frequency region. There is a small dip in the frequency response curve in this area and I’ve noticed the difference when switching my mix from my headphones to my studio monitors. Because of this dip, I tend to mix my music with a little more treble and presence than usual and sometimes have to tone it back a bit when I’m mixing back on my studio monitors.  

These headphones do an excellent job with low-mid detail. I can hear exactly when my mix starts to become too muddy or too thin with these headphones because of their definition in this area. Most mixing engineers struggle with “muddy mixes” and it could be because they simply can't hear when things get too “muddy” with their current studio configuration. With these headphones, you'll be able to beat that problem easily. 


#2 Comfort 

These headphones were designed to be worn for long periods of time. They are a comfy over the ear fit with the perfect amount of tension to stay in position over your ears but not become discomforting over time.

What Ollo Audio does exceptionally well with their S4 headphones is perfecting the “sound” of their headphones to not only be flat in frequency response but very “smooth” sounding and pleasant to listen to for long periods of time. You never feel a piercing feeling when listening to these headphones. The top end is very smooth yet revealing.  


#3 Build Quality & Design 

Another thing I love about the Ollo Audio S4’s is there is no plastic used in the design of these headphones. All elements are high quality products. The frame is metal, head strap is leather, and headphone cups are wood.

One of the worst things is breaking a pair of headphones and since there is no plastic involved these headphones have a leg up when it comes to durability since they can’t crack and break apart. 





Email your name, phone number, and shipping address for more info!

Email: princetonbrownmastering@gmail.com